Prakash Mica Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Mica Scrap

Our high quality Mica Scrap is used in the manufacturing of mica powder, flakes, paper, lubricants and roofing materials. It is also used as filler in rubber plants, welding electrodes, cables & wires and in acoustical plaster. Mica Scrap is extracted from authentic mines and other sources. It is free from contamination and contains good chemical &physical properties. Irregular clumps of raw mica obtained from mines are called mica scrap that generally have an area between 12" and 1 12". It is also obtained from systematic and automated chemical refining processes. Mica Scrap is available in different types, which are muscovite, phologopite and biotite. Mica Scrap is available in different sizes like 16 & up, 13 & up, 12 & up, 34 & up, 1 & up.