Prakash Mica Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Raw Magnesite

Raw Magnesite is crystallized in the form of lumps and white in color with specific gravity of 2.9-3.1 and hardiness 6-8. Raw Magnesite that we offer is used as a raw material in various applications. Raw Magnesite is used for making magnesium oxide, DBM, alloy steel, etc. Raw Magnesite is available in size 0 to 300 mm. Our Raw Magnesite has good physical and chemical properties.

Chemical Specification

Loss onIgnition(LOI) 44.00 to 48.00%
Ferric Oxide (Fe2 O3 ) 00.20 to 2.00%
Alumina(Al2 O3 ) 00.20 to 1.00%
Silica(SiO2 ) 05.00 to 14.00%
Calcium Oxide(CaO) 00.20 to 2.00%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 42.00 to 44.00%